Do you deliver at weekends?
Our deliveries are scheduled for Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays). 

Candles, Reed Diffusers & Body Products

Where are your products made?
All our poured candles, reed diffusers, incense and body products are made in our sustainable, solar-powered factory in the heart of Wiltshire. 

How long do your candles burn for?
In the listing of each of the candles you'll find the burn times.

Are your candles made with natural wax?
We use natural plant waxes (soy, rapeseed and coconut). Our ingredients are as natural as possible, with no parabens, sulphates or harsh chemicals ensuring our candles burn cleanly with no sooty deposits.

How long do the reed diffusers last?
Our reed diffuser liquid is vegetable oil based, the 100ml size aroma will scent your room for up to 6 months, dependent on room temperature due to variations in evaporation rate. Our reed diffusers last much longer than alcohol-based reed diffusers.

What's the difference between essential and fragrance oils?
Essential oils contain only naturally sourced compounds, fragrance oils are a designed mixture of natural and synthetic (manmade) perfume.

Are your products vegan?
All of our candles in glass are vegan friendly. 
Our reed base ingredients are from a vegetable source but not certified vegan as it is prepared in a factory where non-vegan products are made at other times.
We do use honey and beeswax in some of our Bath and Body Products, again the natural ingredients are not tested on animals. 

Is your glass recycled?
Our clear glass for candles is made using some recycled glass, and can be fully recycled.

Are your boxes recycled?
Our box board is all FSC certified or equivalent and are fully recyclable.

What are your wicks made of?
We use cotton only wicks with a paper core. There are no plastics or metallic elements.

Are your products tested on animals?
We do not use ingredients that are tested on animals.